Adam writes music under a various aliases, releasing with labels like météore, Purlieu Recordings, Czaszka Records and Audio. Visuals. Atmosphere. he also runs ACR

as Adam Badí Donoval, he has worked on:

short installation recap for Lousy Auber by Igor Smitka (music + sound)

mini-documentary about a projectionist by Igor Smitka (music)

as Mt Accord, he has released: 

Postcards From a Dream [CS/DL] - Czaszka Records (2018)

No Rush (split with Izanasz) [CS/DL] - Audio. Visuals. Atmosphere. (2018)

Shatter-Resistant [CS/DL] - Purlieu Recordings (2017)

A Day EP [CS/DL] - ACR (2017)

A Misty View / Bright Lights [DL] - self-released (2017)

In Reverie EP [CS/DL] - Colour8 (2017)

Monolith Reworks (compilation) [CD/DL] - météore (2017)

the opposite of aloof vol. 1 (compilation) [CS/DL] - ACR (2017)

TROJ EP (compilation) [CS/DL] - Colour8 (2016)



"the placid flow lulls the listener into a false sense of security reinforced by languid keyboards. Droplets of echo and reverb add a degree of disquiet that gradually dims the luminous overtones. Faltering steps lead to an impasse. By the end of the journey untamed percussive elements and insistent menacing loops, thwart any possible attempt at reaching a cathartic resolution." - Fluid Radio

"Issued via (aptly) self-described "phosphorescent" London label Colour8, this debut EP of vignettes by Mt Accord demonstrates a simple-yet-effective approach turning feeble sounds into palatial dream sequences." - The Quietus