Adam has written for multiple outlets in both his native Slovak and English. 


Bandcamp Daily:

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The Seeds Of Slovakia's Emerging Electronic Scene

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FACT Magazine:

- Istanbul sound artist Ipek Gorgun knows our search for meaning manifests in all we do

Field recordist and ASMR auteur Jonáš Gruska hijacks electromagnetic fields to make you smile

Liverpool experimentalist Dialect uses his love of geology to create organic ambient collages

Loud And Quiet:

- Album Review: Joseph Shabason, “Anne” (print)



- TMT writer profile



Album Review: ot to, not to, “Goshen”


Meet the Heroes (SK):

Shina: Prehnané ambície sú ako zbraň hromadného ničenia

Jimmy Pé: Do hudby vkladám veľa energie a chcem ju dostať aspoň z časti naspäť