as (Adam Badí) Donoval:
Donoval / Fiala - INTERSTAT [CS/DL] - Canigou Records (2019)
VA - Salmon Universe Vol. 1 (compilation) [CS/DL] - Salmon Universe (2019)
HRNS - After the Angels EP (remix) ACR [CS/DL] (2018)

as Mt Accord: 
Postcards From a Dream [CS/DL] - Czaszka Records (2018)
No Rush (split with Izanasz) [CS/DL] - Audio. Visuals. Atmosphere. (2018)
VA - I Never Metaphysical I Didn't Like (compilation) [DL] (2018)
Shatter-Resistant [CS/DL] - Purlieu Recordings (2017)
A Day EP [CS/DL] - ACR (2017)
A Misty View / Bright Lights [DL] - self-released (2017)
In Reverie EP [CS/DL] - Colour8 (2017)
VA - Monolith Reworks (compilation) [CD/DL] - météore (2017)
VA - the opposite of aloof vol. 1 (compilation) [CS/DL] - ACR (2017)
VA - TROJ EP (compilation) [CS/DL] - Colour8 (2016)


30. 11. 2018 / London, UK / Resolution: Live at The Church 05
1. 11. 2018 / London, UK / NX Records: Pop-up Show with Adela Mede
28. 8. 2018 / London, UK / Bedroom Gig with Melquíades
20. 7. 2018 / Bratislava, SK / Skener: Live at FUGA
10. 7. 2018 / Bratislava, SK / Trammed: T3 Kultúrny Prostriedok
29. 6. 2018 / London, UK / New River Studios


Call Out (short film) [music]
Vivian (short film) [music]
Breathe In Breathe Out (short film) [music + sound]
Mikolaj (short documentary) [music]


"the placid flow lulls the listener into a false sense of security reinforced by languid keyboards. Droplets of echo and reverb add a degree of disquiet that gradually dims the luminous overtones. Faltering steps lead to an impasse. By the end of the journey untamed percussive elements and insistent menacing loops, thwart any possible attempt at reaching a cathartic resolution." - Fluid Radio

"Issued via (aptly) self-described "phosphorescent" London label Colour8, this debut EP of vignettes by Mt Accord demonstrates a simple-yet-effective approach turning feeble sounds into palatial dream sequences." - The Quietus

“As Mt Accord he’s collated field recordings from around Slovakia (his home country) with sounds from London (his current home), and he’s spent a single evening gathering improvised and hazy synth drones to soothe himself. While still focusing on dream music vibes, he sends his personal ambience project off into the ether with its most affecting experiments.

Postcards from a Dream is mostly tape loop music all sourced from previous Mt Accord recordings. It’s a completely apt way to close out such a personal project - with a flip through the proverbial photo album. Imperfectly revolving snippets form haunted rhythms while veiled analogue detritus float overhead. A chunky piano marches and creaks from inside a fuzzy magnetic tape prison cell. Unidentifiable synth warbles and shattered drones spiral around like colossal plates spinning. These are all hazy memories from Donoval’s memory bank, filtered and preserved into fragments of indeterminate emotion.

Mt Accord’s 20 minute contribution to this No Rush feels even deeper down a dark rabbit hole of introversion. Vast tidal waves of synthesizer chords flow freely as Donoval filters and guides the sonics through decaying tape sonics, low ends rumbling as they struggle to breach. The result is a relatively simplistic, and heartbreaking, cry of emotion; a solemn and abstract stream-of-consciousness.” -
The Quietus